The Image through the communication

The Image through the communication

The Image through the communication

The Image through the communication


It has been claimed, that media is the forth power. It can very quickly make out of someone a star as well as destroy him. They create reality, influence opinions, choices and decisions.

The fundament of the contact with them is the abiity of finding it in a specific situation at television and radio studios. However,significantly more important became the ability of interaction with interlocutor as well as communicating with the audience (the viewer or the listener).

Training of media communication is the knowledge of media, effective in use skills, complex preparation in terms of content and form. It is as well practicing intuition and strategy in building your image with the use such tools like television and radio. From learning how to listen to the questions and building sentences so it is straight, proffessional and simple in perception, to behavior, attitude or voice.

All of the mentioned above guarantees fulfilling the media’s aim, which is professional picture. What is more, it is all everyone who is or will be working in the public sphere needs.

The selection of the tools and tactics of work are based on the strategy and action plan established earlier with a client.


Communication is the fundament of business relation. In a very significant way, it influences the creation of oneself or company’s image. Moreover, it positions in the structures of the industry and determines career path. What is more, it is a milestone in a path to succeed. It is significant in two areas: internal and external.

Internal commucniation is:

  • Building network connections in an organisation, which allows for an efficient flow of information between specific cells.
  • Unification of the messages’ content directed by specific unit that ensures appropriate reception by remaining contestants of relations.
  • Strenghtening motivation and creating leader attitudes.
  • Actions that focus on the high quality information, proper building of structures, increasing the efficiency of team work and areas of dependance basis on efficient tools.
  • Time management, which builds up good habits of a strong team.

External communication is:

  • Strategy and planning external contacts that increases the efficiency of negotiations, disputes and discussions.
  • Image consistency in interactions with customers, interlocutor and partners, for enhancing the market position at particular levels.
  • Ability to co-operate with competition within the philosophy of the firm.
  • Implementation of appropriate presentation and argumentation systems, ensuring uniform functioning on the level of organising industry.

Every training in terms of business communication is prepared according to instructions specific organisation referring to its needs and expectations. The aim is to maximise earnings of the company and its employees.


It is true to say, that image is stronger than the opponents. It aims to position a person in the industry, the environment or the media. Its structure always starts from the inside by defining resources and abilities of the client and establishing the appropriate strategy of an image.

Through the regular trainings the same person is being created as a new one. Yet, it is the same person, because you can never become someone else. Amateur acting destroys the reputation instead of building it.

Personal branding consists of an element related to adequate look, outfit, behavior or to contextual relevance. It prepares the client to all the situation that he might have to face and it teaches reacting to them. It is based on 100% coherence and naturalness. Thanks to this, change that takes place is reliable to the environment and comfortable to the client.

Although it is essential element of success for the public persons like politicians, actors, sportsmen, scientists, menagers or journalists, it refers to everyone of us, because each of us has an image. It is necessary for it not to be accidental but exactly the way we want it to be.

The personal branding programme has been prepared for individual need of the client and is realized only according to his/her person.


A word is an art and a good word is a beauty. No one has been ever born perfect, nevertheless everyone can become one.

Correctness and clarity of speech are an integral part of working life and personal contacts. The professionalism of living speech is achieved primarily through the work of diction and voice.

Speech therapy improves speech and its quality. It also shows how to get used to the stage or give a statement adequate to the situation. If necessary, it corrects the defects of speech, articulation and voice problems. It teaches rhetoric, shows how and when to implement it in a daily communication. It uses tools such as intonation, accent or melody of speech.

Through integrated respiratory, vocal and articulation exercises, it helps to obtain beautiful voice and correct pronunciation.


I began my professional career in 2002 during my studies. I conducted therepeutical classes and workshops both individual and group. I have worked with educational, medical and business institutions, which has broadened my experience and professional skills. This has resulted in our own model of work, based on the maximized adaptation to the client, his needs and expectations.
I achieve the effectiveness through a variety of tools used: coaching, mentoring and training. And all this are combined in an unconventional form with ethics and confidentiality of work.

In business, I co-operate with management and Staff via training in internal and external communication, and presentation. This way I am building an image of the organization (PR, CSR), by supporting leaders in individual development processes. I help in career planning and succeeding.

I know the media “from the lining”. I recruit and prepare radio and television journalists to work. Moreover, I consult actors and singers (diction, voice), I run and produce programs. I have co-created one of the radio stations, acting as a program director.

I use my knowledge and experience by developing image strategies and conducting media consultations. I prepare people from the public sphere for speeches, presentations and contacts with journalists.

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